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      Melody Makers Music & Art Classes  - Scroll down for class descriptions
Gigi Jingle Program
Our Gigi Jingle Program is a weekly, 30-minute music class for children ages 5-36 months and a parent or caregiver. Gigi is a soft-spoken, loving Giraffe puppet who laughs and sings with babies and toddlers. The children look forward to seeing "Gigi" and her many puppet friends each week! Rhythm instruments, drums (everyone's favorite), streamers, beanbags and scarves are also explored while listening to fun music and songs. Each week the children listen to one classical piece including the favorites: "Flight of the Bumblebee", "Moonlight Sonata", "Bear Symphony" and "Water Music". At the close of each class, children receive a Gigi Sticker while enjoying "The Freeze" dance. 

14 - week session: $182 ($112 for 2nd sibling, $70 for 3rd sibling)
Family Harmony Program
Our Family Harmony Program is a weekly, 40-minute music class geared for children ages 2 1/2 to 5 years and their younger siblings and parents or caregiver. This class includes many elements of the Gigi Jingle Class but also adds a classical composer study and music theory time. During the upcoming Fall session, the children will be introduced to Peter Tchaikovsky with Tchaikovsky the Alligator puppet. We will also be learning about the instruments in the orchestra and will bring many of the instruments to class for the children to see and touch. 
                14-week session: $182 ($112 for 2nd sibling, $70 for 3rd sibling)
12-week Fall 2022 Session
Fall 12-week session begins Tues, Sept 20 and continues through Mon, Dec. 12
We will be closed for Thanksgiving Thurs. 11/24 & Fri. 11/25 (makeups for these 2 classes will be Thurs. 12/15 & Fri. 12/16)

Music Class Fall Session Fee is $156 for 1st child (2nd sibling $96, 3rd sibling $60)
Art Class Fee is $180 for 1st child (2nd sibling $120, 3rd sibling $84)
Combine a Music and Art Class $312 for 1st child (2nd sibling $192)
Babies attend class free with sibling through the session they turn 9 months, then the next session they pay the sibling rate​

Classes held at 3540 Brambleton Ave., Roanoke, VA 24018

                                  Register & Pay for any open class with
                      Paypal, Credit or Debit Card Below or
                  email [email protected] to register

 Preschool Art Classes - 30 min   (weekly art project with Gigi
​         (ages 21 months -  5 years)    paint, oil pastels, watercolors
_____Mon. 11:20 - 4 openings          chalk, glue & more)    
_____Tues. 12:10 - FULL                 
_____Wed. 9:40 - 2 openings

                                                                                                Family Harmony Music Class - 40 min
 Gigi Jingle Music Classes - 30 min                          geared to 2 1/2 to 5 years but younger siblings welcome
               (ages 5-36 months)                                                 _____Mon. 9:50 - 4 openings  
_____Mon. 9:10 - FULL                                                      _____Mon. 4:00 - FULL
_____Mon. 10:40 - FULL                                                    _____Mon. 5:30 - FULL
_____Mon. 12:00 - FULL                                                    _____Tues. 11:20 - 1 opening
_____Mon. 4:50 - FULL                                                      _____Wed. 10:20 - 1 opening
_____Tues. 9:20 - FULL                                                     _____Thurs. 10:00 - 3 openings
_____Tues. 10:00 - 1 opening                                           _____Fri. 11:00 - 3 openings
_____Tues. 10:40 - FULL                                                   _____Sat. 9:40 - FULL
_____Wed. 9:00 - 1 opening                                      
_____Wed. 11:10 - FULL                                         
_____Thurs. 9:20 - FULL                                  
____ Thurs. 10:50 - FULL                                                      
_____Fri. 9:40 - FULL
_____Fri. 10:20 - FULL
_____Sat. 9:00  -  FULL                     
_____Sat. 10:30 - FULL                               ** Family Harmony Classes For Family Harmony Classes 
_____Sat. 11:10 - 1 opening                            Tchaikovsky the Alligator will be joining Gigi to teach us about the                                                                            composer, Peter Tchaikovsky & The Nutcracker. We will also be
                                                                          learning about the instruments in the orchestra and will be 
                                                                          bringing many instruments to class for the children to see & play
                                                                          Family Harmony classes are like the Gigi classes, but we add a 
                                                                         10-minute composer & music theory segment in the middle - so
                                                                         they are 40 min instead of 30 min.

Preschool Art Program
Our Preschool Art Class is a weekly, 30-minute class for 21 months to 5 years. Children will be able to explore art and work with different art mediums each week. This class may get a little messy :) Preschool Art is a great way to encourage the development of fine motor skills and creativity in a relaxed, fun environment. Gigi will visit each week and children will be able to show her their  special "art work". :) 

                                     14-week session: $210 ($140 for 2nd sibling)
Fall 2022 Fees
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